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During weekends or holidays in Japan If you are applying for a restaurant reservation, you can make reservations and send a definite kakko on the next day or Monday.

Confirmation of reservations Katok will guide you within 72 hours. If you want to eat at the desired date & time, please make a reservation in advance.

If you have not received a definite Katok, you will not be able to eat when you go to the restaurant.

Make a reservation online:

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Avairable Time 17: 00 ~ / 17: 30 ~
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* Thank you very much for your interest in free agency booking.
Junfie Restaurant First-come-first-served bookings All 10 events have become a visitor and will be closed on May 29th.
In the case of third-party buses, we have received a final warning from the store because of a change in schedule that caused the Nosho and the meal time to fail.

So, in Hokkaido Magazine, we decided to reserve the restaurant for free at the restaurant, only for those who made reservations through the Hokkaido Magazine Bus Tour, considering the position of the shop and the convenience of the guests.

I would like to ask you to understand the part that made the hard decision because you can no longer harm the store because of the people who did not contact you.

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